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Hello there, friends!  My name is Ginny and I’d like to welcome you to my Heart, Hopes, and Dreams Blog – One woman’s journey with heart disease, never giving up her hopes and following her dreams!  A blog that I dedicate to sharing my experiences not only as a patient dealing with heart disease, but also as a member of a family who helped to care for others in the family riddled by such a disease.  Life is a blessing and I’d like to share with you my hopes and dreams for my future as I continue to journey through them.

In 2008, I was diagnosed as having Dilated Cardiomyopathy with Ventricular Ectopy. To make things simpler, my heart is enlarged, particularly my left ventricle and I experience irregular heartbeats; my heart wanting to play “catch up”, putting me at risk for cardiac arrest.   Before my 29th birthday, I was equipped with an Implantable Cardiac Device and placed on various medications to help control this condition.

My goal for this Blog is simple….


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello. I wanted to send a special thank you for finding my blog and leaving such kind words of support. It also gave me the chance to find your blog — and I have to say, it touched my heart. Like you, I too have heart issues. About six years ago, I was diagnosed with coronary artery disease (CAD), and I currently have 13 stents keeping my arteries open. I’m practically bionic — and gardening, writing, and bagpiping help me to relax and breathe and enjoy life. I completely enjoyed your message and wish all the best.

  2. Ginny thanks so much for stopping by my little blog. Your story is incredible and I wish you all the best – looking forward to following your blog. Much love from Australia, Carolyn.

  3. I admire people like you! You really are an inspiration! I wish you all the best and, off course, never give up your hopes and always follow your dreams!

  4. Thank you for sharing, It means so much. I am a first generation Congenital Heart Defect patient and as I age I am meeting new health challenges. A CHD heart ages differently than an unaltered heart. I will follow your progress with prayers for your good health.

    1. Thank you for following along! For me, having seen and dealt with other members in the family that had dealt with heart issues, I think it made it much easier to handle/deal with having to deal with my own heart issues. I had people to turn to and was already familiar with many of the tests and procedures performed having seen other members go through it themselves – made it much less scary. Thank you for the prayers and I hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog 🙂

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