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Its time to run!

Alright, it’s time to get my run on!  Many of my coworkers as well as myself will be participating in our first ever 5K Corporate Challenge this summer.  Needless to say, I can’t remember the last time my feet have hit the pavement in a full force run.  Chances are, it was probably high school!  I am a originallittle nervous about how my heart will handle it, but I am certainly up for the challenge.  Without a doubt, plenty of training to build my endurance will be necessary if I am going to make it to the finish line, and this week I shall venture out on that journey.  The fact is, if I don’t try, I will never know if my body can do it.  To some, a 5K run seems like nothing…just a walk in the park.  For others, like myself, it will be a huge accomplishment to succeed.  With confirmation from my doctor to go ahead, I just have to remember not to push so far beyond what my body can physically handle.  I have to listen to my body when it says “slow down” or “take it easy”.  Most importantly, I can’t allow myself to get discouraged quickly.  It’ll take time to work up to a full 5K run and plenty of baby steps will finish-linebe taken to get there.  Without a doubt, since I started going back to school, my diet has been horrible, a regular exercise routine non-existent, and the stress level has certainly increased.  Thankfully, however, school is nearly over and I am ready for a change and training as well as participating in this 5K will certainly offer me the stepping stone for some changes a truly need.

I look forward to sharing this experience with you and hope you all can provide me with the encouragement to succeed!


6 thoughts on “Its time to run!

  1. Ginny,

    That’s wonderful! My hat’s off to you. I applaud your effort. You’re absolutely right, take it slowly, and be careful, but if you don’t try you’ll never finish! Let us know how you do as training progresses.

    Love and Luck, Aunt Carol

  2. Good for you! My company is running in Boston this year and it is our first time also.
    If you are new to running you may want to Google “Couch to 5K”. There are training plans to help you safely prepare to run a 5K. is the one I hear about the most.

    1. Couch to 5K seems to be really popular around here. Participating in a 5K will be a challenge for me for sure, but as long as I cross the finish line (even if it involves crawling, lol!) I’m happy – it’s a start.

      1. Exactly!! As my doctor keeps reminding me, I’ve got a weak heart….it’s going to take some time to get it conditioned…more time that most….I just have to keep at it, work my way up and not get frustrated. Work at it too hard to quickly, I’ll only do more damage than good.

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