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Time out to enjoy the warm weather

The weather has been so awesome lately…it’s no wonder I’ve gotten side tracked and haven’t posted in a few weeks.  My mind has begun to switch from writing mode to “Let’s get out and play in the dirt!” mode.  I guess it’s just that time of year.  It’s warm outside, the local greenhouses are stocked full of this years crop of flowers and the sun stays out until early evening making it the perfect time to garden.  How can you not want to spend time outdoors!  So….what else are you to do when the weather is perfect as it has been lately?  Go out and enjoy it!!  So that is exactly what I have been doing; taking my time, working in the dirt, weeding and trying to thin out the flower beds, hoping that perhaps one day my garden will look similar to those I see in a magazine.

Of course, I have to get the camera out and snap a few photos of some of the blooms.  Never mind the fact that I’ve probably photographed the same exact plant each and every year.  That is the one thing I have to say that I love about digital cameras….you can always photograph the same thing a thousand times over and if you don’t like how the shots turn out (or in my case, have thousands taken of the same thing) you can always delete them without having to spend a fortune on developing.  Perhaps that is the reason why I have the camera “glued” to my forehead….like any other hobby…practice over and over again and in time you get better at doing it.  With a digital camera, you can do just that.  Photograph things, over and over and over again.

So whether it will be playing in the garden or snapping some photos with the camera…..either way, I have plenty of things to enjoy during the warm weather.

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“The garden is a mirror of the heart.”


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