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It’s time for a little R&R

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.”

Mark Black

It’s a warm Wednesday morning; the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are beginning to pop their heads above ground.  Sure signs that Spring is here and it’s only mid-March.  Normally we’re shoveling snow, bundling up in layers of clothing, and cringing at our heating bills this time of year – not this year!  People have dug out their shorts and tanks tops and are basking in the suns rays.  So, for the first time in my life, EVER, I went on a Mommy-only vacation.  No kids, no critters, no significant other, not a friend or anyone else from my family to join me.  Just me and my car, driving on the open road, heading to Michigan to see some friends.  Nothing specifically scheduled; just a time for me to get away from my everyday life, to give me a chance to relax, de-stress, and enjoy time away from the things that keep me busy.

(C) Virginia M. Dillman
A couple of Prarie Dogs, working on their first tan of the season.

Never did I imagine that the weather in mid March would end up resembling a day in the middle of June.  70 to 80 degrees and sun is in the forecast for most of the week!  So I’m sitting next to an open window, enjoying the warm breeze, typing away on my laptop, while listening to some Jason Mraz.  It’s so weird to just sit and not have to do anything nor be bothered by anyone needing anything.  Why have I never done this before?  I was far overdue to take this little vacation.  It may not be anything extravegant; it may not be a cruise or a trip to the Bahamas, but its a little time away from my own life and routine to enjoy myself as well as the company of friends whom I don’t get to see very often.

Basking in the sun at the Detroit Zoo

I’m so used to filling up my calendar with countless things to do that I never stopped to take some time out for myself. I’m starting to realize that it’s important to take that time out; you need it to clear your mind and to recharge your batteries as well as to put life into perspective.  I realized that I am only one person, and too often I spred myself too thin.  Trying to balance mootherhood, working full time, being a full time student as well as fitting in numerous doctors appointments along with volunteering for numerous projects, clubs and teams, as well as spending time to help others that I forgot to take care of the important person in this picture – Me!  Sometimes you just have to take care of “Me”.  Whether I take on too much because I”m trying to prove to myself that I am capable of handling it all or perhaps its that fear of one day not being able to physically handle it all so I want to take on as much as I possibly can right now while I can…whichever one it is, I have to learn to stop once in a while, sit down, and learn to relax.


2 thoughts on “It’s time for a little R&R

  1. Great post with an excellent message. Life doesn’t seem to ever slow down, but sometimes we have to take some time for ourselves and do it without feeling guilty. Taking a little time to “recharge our batteries” not only benefits us, it helps others around us who get our best when we’re running at full speed.

  2. I really like this post. For the past few years, I think I’ve been living a life trying to proove to people that I can do it, I am a bad ass and look at me go! However, at the end of the adventures, I realized I was so tired. My energy completely disappeared for a few weeks there and I found myself sleeping for about 15-16 hours a day. I wasn’t fond of that period and I am grateful it is over and I have a renewed zest for the waking hours However, I did learn an important lesson, it is so important to nurture oneself… to have that down time… because if we are constantly moving at an accelerated pace, you’ll just wear yourself out… and sometimes a break is exactly what one needs to come back better than they were before. 🙂

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