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True beauty shines from the inside out

“The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows, & the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.”

-Audrey Hepburn

Often times, when an individual gets sick, it tends to take a toll on the body.  Days of vanity soon fly out the window and you become more concerned with what is happening with your health rather than whether your makeup is flawless and your hair style is of the latest trend.  Soon you replace stockings and high heels for comfy sweats and tennis sneakers.

Like others who have encountered serious illnesses, I went through the “frump” stage.  Sure, I was confident and optimistic that my health would get better – it was one battle that I would not give up hope on.  But what I had grown uncomfortable with was the image I saw when I looked into the mirror – I had become a bit self conscience about the few pounds I had put on, especially since getting sick.  It was the most weight I had ever put on.  Facing a full length mirror was not an image I enjoyed seeing.  It wasn’t that I wanted to be pencil thin, I just didn’t like the pear shape that stared back at me nor did I feel attractive at all let alone think that anyone else would find me attractive.  I’m sure many women can relate -illness or not- that those big hips and kangaroo pouch were things many just do not enjoy seeing in the mirror.  Pictures – certainly not my favorite.  I didn’t totally avoid the camera all together, but I certainly tried to be the one behind the camera taking the picture.  (If anyone were to look, majority of any pictures of me were taken from the chest up.)

I’ve come to realize that what truly makes you beautiful is on the inside; the way you treat, help, and care for others, the confidence you have in yourself to excel in life and the ability to put others needs before your own.  It took a few reminders from some of my very dearest friends that reminded me that I was truly a beautiful and very attractive woman-personality, curves and all.  I finally gained enough confidence to be comfortable with myself in the mirror as well as in front of the camera.

My struggle with weight, like many, is far from over, but at least I can say that I am now comfortable with who I am and what I see in the mirror.  With confidence in myself I know I will overcome this battle too!  What advice can I give to others?  Regardless of your size, allow your inner beauty to shine through.  Accept yourself and your body for who and what you are.  Have confidence in yourself and your abilities for it is those qualities that will make you attractive to others.

Sometimes you need to treat yourself to something that will make you feel beautiful again.


2 thoughts on “True beauty shines from the inside out

  1. My confindence is at an all time low, when growing up i was Fat, not just cuncky, i was fat . being that size when you are from the age 9-14 really takes a toll on ones confidence. i was short so it made me look even bigger, i looked like a box. the kids in school always picked on me about how i looked. not only was i the overzied child i was also the “poor” kid, so it was like a double whammy. when i was in eighth grade a boy i liked told me if i was thinner he would go out with me. that really made me think, should i loose the weight for him or should i do it for myself. it took my all year to finally realize that if he didnt like me at this size how could he like me if i was smaller, im still the same person. so i decided that i would do it for myself. i started by walking to and from school, and cut down on what i ate. people started to notice right away, i started loosing weight fast and i was happy. or so i thought i was. even after loosing all my weight, when i looked in the mirror i still saw that “fat girl” that nobody liked. in six months i lost 75lbs and everyone said i looked great, the only problem was i couldnt see it. through high school i battle with my wieght i went up and down in size aal four years. during high school i had an eating disoder, well i guess you can say i had multiple problems. there were times were i would eat all day then there were days when i ate nothing cuz i felt fat, my mom told me that i have become a binge eater. i was in denial, and didnt think anything was wrong with me. then one day i didnt eat anything and i started my workout, i felt really weak and lightheaded, the next thing i remember is im home and my parents are asking if im ok, apparently i had blacked out at the gym and my sister called my parents to come get me. that was my wake up call that i need to get my shit together. what i was doing was not healthy and wasnt helping me in any way. after high school i finally got on the right track and was eating again. because of the torment i encountered when i was growing up made my levels of self confidence very low. even when i was at my skinniest weight, when i looked in the mirror i still saw this fat thing looking back at me. i really dont know if i will ever overcome that image i see, but by reading your story and having the love of my life by my side i might be able to overcome this insecureity i have about myself.

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