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A new journey…

“Looking back, we see with great clarity, what once appeared as difficulties now reveal themselves as blessings.”  Dan Millman

The clock is ticking…it’s just seconds away from hitting midnight.  One year is about to end while another is about to begin.  The TV is filled with images of people gathered in Times Square, laughing, dancing, and having a good time.  Sounds from noise makers and confetti fill the air.  Others are home with family, friends, and loved ones, enjoying the company of one another, gathered around their television sets, glasses in hand to cheer in the New Year.  The brightly lit ball begins its decent and the countdown begins…

10, 9, 8…

Some pause for a moment to look back over the past year.  Perhaps re-evaluating some of the choices they made, wondering to themselves what they could have done differently.  Others are remembering the good times they had, the happy moments they will forever cherish and hold dear to their hearts.  Still, there are those who will remember things lost – friends, loved ones, or perhaps their jobs, their homes, or other material things.


Others are looking to the New Year ahead, making their resolutions.  Promises to themselves, with great intentions in hopes to bring a happier, healthier New Year.


As I sit here and watch the ball continue to fall, I think back at the past; the choices I made, the loved ones no longer with us, and most importantly, the obstacles I faced over the past few years with my health.  Then I look ahead and think about the future and where those things have led me.  Some bad, others good, but all pieces of my past that have helped to get me where I am today.  A year ago I was unsure how many more New Year’s I would have to celebrate, unsure what path my health would take me and whether my life would be cut short like others in my family.  This year, I can be thankful that my health has turned around, giving me the confidence to look forward to many more years of a fulfilling life ahead.  With my health under control, I enter a new phase of my life – a new blog and a book is underway.  It’s a new road to tread upon through territory unknown.  One that I hope will allow me to educate, motivate and inspire others.


This is it!!!  2012!!!  The New Year has begun…

Let the new journey begin!!!


4 thoughts on “A new journey…

  1. Beautiful! I can’t wait to see what you will accomplish this year. I am proud of you and excited about your new journey! Happy New Year!

  2. my health really turned around this year, too and i’m so incredibly grateful for it. may god bless you with continued health for this year and the years to come!

    happy new year!


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